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Surroundings / Sightseeing

  • Tomb of Emperor Nintoku(World Heritage Component)

    • Tomb of Emperor Nintoku(World Heritage Component)

      A huge front rear tumulus located in the center of the Mozu area.
      It is the largest mound in Japan with a mound length of 486m and a total length of 840m including the moat.
      Osaka Bay is built in a place that is conscious of the view from Osaka Bay.
      A triple moat surrounds the mound.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by bus:28 minutes
      Hotel → 3-minute walk → Sakai Station south exit bus stop → 13 minutes (ride to go before the city in around 14 Sakai-Higashi Station → Daisen'naka-cho → walk 12 minutes → Tomb of Emperor Nintoku
      ・About 10 minutes by car
  • J-GREEN Sakai Sakai City Soccer National Training Center

    • J-GREEN Sakai Sakai City Soccer National Training Center

      A sports facility that boasts the largest facility size in Japan and promotes sports and recreation activities, including soccer.

      There are 16 soccer fields, 8 futsal fields, 1 clubhouse with restaurants, shops and conference rooms, 5 locker houses, sports and center squares, walking course and cycling course.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by car:20 minutes
  • Dotonbori

    • Dotonbori

      Dotonbori, symbolized by the Glico sign, is a typical downtown area in Osaka and Minami, full of tourists day and night.
      There are many spots to enjoy, such as the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street and the America Mura, and there are shops of various genres in shopping and food.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by train:17 minutes
      Hotel → 5-minute walk → Nankai Main Line Sakai Station → 12 minutes Namba Express) → Namba Station → 5 minutes → Dotonbori
      ・About 15 minutes by car
  • Tsutenkaku Tower

    • Tsutenkaku Tower

      Tsutenkaku Tower, the symbol of Osaka, continues to illuminate the city of Osaka.
      business hours/From 9:00 to 21:00(Open all year round)

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by train:27 minutes
      Hotel → 5 minutes on foot → Sakai Station → 11 minutes (express ride to Namba) → Shin-Imamiya Station → 11 minutes on foot → Tsutenkaku Tower
      ・About 15 minutes by car
  • Other surroundings

    • Sakai City Hall 21F Observation Lobby

      Sakai City Hall 21F Observation Lobby
      The corridor-style lobby, which offers a 360-degree view from 80 meters above the ground, is a popular spot overlooking Sakai Town of Sakai Town.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by bus:13 minutes
      Hotel → 5-minute walk → Sakai Station before the bus stop → 4 minutes ( "before Takashimaya" large and small route 0 Sakai-Higashi Station before boarding line) → Sakai-Higashi Station before → 4-minute walk → Sakai City Hall
      ・About 8 minutes by car
    • Green Front Sakai

      This is a facility where you can see a number of eco-innovations that will balance the realization of a new electronics society.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by bus:29 minutes
      Hotel → 7 minutes on foot → Sakai Station West Exit Bus Station → 11 minutes (Take the Sakai Station Takumicho Line S3 Takumicho) → Takumicho → 11 minutes on foot → Green Front Sakai
      ・Travel by car:18 minutes
    • Rinku Premium Outlets

      You can enjoy shopping in a beautiful cityscape full of resorts lined with two-story buildings with about 210 brands.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by train:Required
      Hotel → 5 minutes on foot → Nankai Main Line Sakai Station on Nankai Main Line Sakai Station → 26 minutes (express ride to Kansai Airport) → Rinku Town Station → 11 minutes on foot → Rinku Premium Outlets
      ・Travel by car:27 minutes
    • Harvest Hill

      A natural park based on the theme of "Eat, play and experience."
      You can enjoy various experiences such as interacting with animals and handmade classrooms.

      【Time required】
      ・Travel by car:34 minutes
    • Sakai Densho Museum

      A museum of Sakai Uchihamono (forged knife) and Sakai Hamono (knife) Sakai is proud of.
      In addition to exhibiting cutlery process samples and unusual cutlery, we sell high-quality cutlery.

      【Time required】
      ・Move on foot:17 minutes
      ・Travel by car:6 minutes
    • Fenice Sacay(Sakai Citizens Arts and Culture Hall)

      A multi-purpose hall for orchestras, operas, ballets, musicals, drama and traditional performing arts
      【Time required】
      ・Travel by bus:10 minutes
      Hotel → 3 minutes → Sakai Station South Exit Bus Station → 4 minutes (Kitanoda line 32 Kitanoda station square) → Yasuicho → 4 minutes on foot → Fenice Sacay
      ・Travel by car:8 minutes
      ・Move on foot:20 minutes