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Guests can enjoy our special breakfast buffet.

Business people who want to have breakfast quickly, and customers who want to enjoy breakfast leisurely,
City Hotel Sunplaza Sakai staying at City Hotel Sunplaza Sakai
In a spacious space such as homemade side dishes, weekly curry stew,
Breakfast is served in a Japanese / Western style buffet.

【Time】6:30 to 9:00(9:15 Close)
【Fare】¥ 500(Tax included)
  • ◆Hotel special buffet◆Time:From 6:30 to 9:00

    【Time】6:30 to 9:00(9:15 Close)
    【Fare】¥ 500(Tax included)
    • 【Special hotel]Breakfast buffet

  • ◆Western Food◆Handmade side dishes are available on a daily basis!

  • ◆Japanese Food◆A buffet that is satisfying for health-conscious customers!