【Official】City Hotel Sunplaza Sakai

Produce a more satisfying and relaxing scene
Welcoming you with various spaces, facilities, and services
Please enjoy the hospitality full of hospitality. That is our pride.

Accommodation Features・Facility

  • Large Communal Bath(Limited to Men)

    Opening Hours     16:00 to 25:00 in the evening/Morning 6:00 to 9:00

    The large communal bath of this facility has a whirlpool bath, which is created by the massage effect of generated water flow and bubbles.
    You can expect fatigue recovery by promoting blood circulation.
  • Restaurant Sakai(Breakfast venue)

    Opening Hours     From 6:00 to 8:30/Sundays and holidays 6:00 to 9:30(10:00 Close)

    There are a total of 32 seats: 4 counter seats, 16 table seats, and 12 box seats.
    Group customers can use it without congestion because it is a separate venue.
  • Banquet rooms(Phoenix)

    We will provide you with a good price plan by combining company training such as new employee training and skill training, study camps such as schools and preparatory schools, and venue usage fees and accommodations such as various seminars.
    Please select a plan according to the number of people, budget, and purpose.

    【school format】 Nothing
    【B】    10 people

    *You can also make reservations from the rental space ``Space Market'' and ``Instabase.''See the button at the bottom of the top page.
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Hotel Name

City Hotel Sunplaza Sakai


1-1-20 Ryujinbashi Town, Sakai Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

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5-minute walk to the south from Sakai Station East Exit on the Nankai Nankai Main Line    
3 minutes by car from Hanshin Expressway Ohama Exit
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.